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Excellent Attorney

Mr. Jason Coker represented my case for an outstanding bench warrant that was very concerning to me. There was a real possibility I could have been remanded into custody and have to post bail. Jason was very conscientious and gave me careful instruction on how to proceed with the matter. He then went before the judge on my behalf and deftly dealt with the case, and got me the result I wanted. I was not taken into custody and only had to pay the fine I owed the court. I strongly recommend Jason to anyone who needs the services of a criminal lawyer. -Kevin

Worth Every Penny

I got my first DUI, and had no clue what to do. Not only was Jason Coker completely capable of handling my situation, but he also made me feel comfortable and more secure about my situation. I was charged with my first DUI with a .1 reading on the breathalyzer at the scene. My situation looked bad, but through it all Jason got my case down to a wet reckless and even struck a deal where I didn't get a breathalyzer put in my car. He is a highly qualified lawyer and a great guy. I'd recommend him to anybody. -Craig

Jason coker amazing !!!!!!!

Jason is amazing . My son got a speeding ticket over 100 mph. Jason reassured me, went out of his way to represent my son and drove all the way to San Francisco county . He won the case for my son :
Thank you Jason!!!!!

The best decision of your life.

You've made the terrible decision to drink and drive, and you got caught. It's a terrible feeling, I know. Especially if you're anything like me, and you've never been caught for doing anything illegal in your life. You feel hopeless, humiliated, as though you'll never shake the shame. Counteract some of that negativity with a positive decision.
I have already done the Google searches, and I have experienced first-hand that Jason Coker is what you need. With my case, I think it's safe to say he went above and beyond the job description. He handled everything for me and took the time to keep me posted on every detail. He even gave me his personal number, and answered my undoubtedly annoying questions after hours, and he was happy to do it.
During my suspended license, he needed me to sign some paper work, and it was really hard for me to get there, and he was gracious enough to drive me in his car to get the paperwork notarized and take me back home. He not only did the best he could for me legally, he was truly a decent human being who made me feel like a person who simply made a mistake. Stop wasting your time and call him up now for your free consultation, and you'll see for yourself.Less Comment on this review

Highly Recommended!

Jason Coker is a great lawyer! I hired him to represent me for my DUI case, which he handled very efficiently while keeping me calm and informed. I felt that he was very clear and patient with me in explaining my options, and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in leading me in the right direction. In addition to guiding me through this very confusing and stressful situation, he was able to get me an excellent plea bargain. I definitely recommend him!

Honest, Effective and Reliable

Jason was a terrific asset in my case. He was there to answer all my questions every step of the way, kept me informed and explained to me what was happening. His reliability, confidence and honesty made this whole experience much better than expected.
His work was very professional and on point. He was very knowledgeable and responsive throughout the entire process. If you need a lawyer, I highly recommend him.

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